A Productivity Suite

CrowdKeep is a productivity suite that focuses on the administrative needs of government agencies.


Back in 2013, some friends asked me if I wanted to help them start a company in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) space. They believed they’d identified a unique opportunity to build out a productivity suite that would uniquely serve the needs of government agencies and contractors. They thought this space was niche enough to start the ERP business and then eventually scale beyond government into other verticals. The plan was to build out an MVP suite of core products.

The first product I worked on, and the product they thought would appeal most from a marketing perspective, was a time tracking service. The service would leverage iBeacon and Bluetooth 3.0 technologies (relatively new and buzzy at the time) to track government contractors (via Gov’t issued phones or key fobs) while they were on construction sites or in their office buildings. The other products in the suite would include expense reporting, invoicing, and scheduling.

I jumped on board and began establishing a product strategy, as well as, the end-to-end user experience flows for several tools from high-level vision to MVP. I also worked with the team on a few different brand concepts and explorations.

The Vision

We’d spent some time talking to a few different government companies to better understand their needs and problems. It didn’t take long to see their frustrations were primarily focused around their existing software; the capabilities, the design, the experience. It was all frustrating. It was difficult for these teams to do anything with their current tools. The bar was pretty low and we began designing some high-level concepts around the future vision. Our goal was to provide these users with a seamless experience that wasn’t fragmented and would allow them to easily access the tools they needed, at the right time.

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